Taiwanese processor maker TSMC has landed a fat order from Apple apparently, one that may generate as much as 10% of their 2014 revenue. Apparently, they were commissioned to deliver the future generations of A series chips for Apple.


TSMC is also ramping up its 20 nm process production and they’re preparing to roll out the 16 nm fabrication, that could start mass production next year. The first rumors regarding a cooperation between Apple and TSMC appeared many months ago, when the tensions between Apple and Samsung reached a critical level, but Sammy kept making chips for Cupertino.

Now TSMC is getting some of the orders, or maybe all of them, who knows, as Apple shifts away from Samsung in 2014. It would be odd to have two different companies making chips, since this is not exactly the same thing as the screens and results may vary here. Even with screens there have been some discrepancies between LG and Sharp’s work for example. We wouldn’t want that to happen to CPUs, right?