Recently we’ve seen a lot of studies showing that the kids are actually not helped by the presence of tablets in the classroom and also that the babies have their brain development hurt if exposed to slates too early. Now there’s a petition on the interwebs to stop the Fisher Price baby seat with iPad stand from selling.


Fisher Price has this product up for sale for $80, dubbing it the “Newborn to Toddler Apptivity Seat for iPad”. An organization called Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood has started the petition mentioned above and they intend to stop this product from selling. The idea here is that the iPad can get a baby’s full attention since it’s filled with colourful images, that are constantly moving.

Petition-tries-to-get-Fisher-Price-to-stop-selling-child-seat-that-supports-iPad 2

Apparently, the iPad blocks the child from seeing his parents and the rest of the world, damaging his future social skills. Fisher Price responded by saying this is a negative online campaign. They’re also saying that there are options to limit the viewing time of the tablet. The American Academy of Pediatrics is actually agreeing with the petition, saying that kids under 2 shouldn’t be using any electronic screens.

Which side is right here?