Samsung has just confirmed that it will be making a 10.1 inch tablet version of the Galaxy Note and we might even get to see this gizmo at MWC 2012. The device will be unveiled during an S-Pen developere event held at MWC 2012 at the end of the current month.

We’re expecting here a version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with stylus input, but keep in mind that we could be dealing with a mistype as underlined in the image above. However, this is not the only clue we have about the new slate, as a casting call for a young actor to star in a Galaxy Note 10.1 commercial was found by the guys at The Verge.

The ad is no longer availble, but Google’s cache still stores it. The ad will “show a Galaxy Note 10.1 used for education, financial planning and art” and the actor playing the role of a teen student is the one that Samsung’s looking for. The Galaxy Note 10.1 is supposed to record, take pics and edit. I’ve been a fan of the S-Pen idea ever since it was introduced, since it did such a fine job on the Galaxy Note. Are we ready to use the pen on a 10.1 inch tablet, though?

  • It will be an oversized Note on steroids, right? Samsung has gone mad with tablets launched at 2-3 months distance. They care only for profit, they got greedy.

  • Anonymous

    As a student, I have to disagree with you.  I do not need an expensive 5.3″ phone that I cannot afford a monthly plan on.  I absolutely can use a 10.1″ or larger tablet with this stylus.  I see students all around campus with their tablets, and how useful they are.   Extremely useful.  I’d love a 5.3″ Note, but I can’t rationalize it on a poor shoestring college student budget.  But a bigger tablet, which replaces my books, allows me to buy/rent digital versions of text books (not theoretical – all my classes offered this option this semester, though one required wifi connection).  Allows me to scan all papers I am given, scan homework before I turn them in, and never lose anything (stored in the cloud – I already do this, but with a small netbook someone is lending me because I have no computer for this semester other than my home computer which is over an hour commute away.  It has already saved my ass multiple times – Especially when I left an engineering homework on my desk, but was able to print it out in the lab and turn it in on time that day because I digitize everything).

    Throw in this pen for notation and I can reduce my bag to a small notebook for scratch paper, pen/pencil, a water bottle, etc  some minor small items, and the tablet (with hard cover).  This would be huge for me, and it’s the killer feature tablets are missing.  Other than tablets that have keyboard docks, or carrying a big bluetooth keyboard, taking notes on a tablet sucks.  This would be that final piece that the education and business professional sectors need to really push tablets further. I can’t wait to have all my notes at hand on a device like this.

  • Samsung makes too many variants of their products, if this is a Note, they need to replace the current Tab with this model for its next iteration and call them the same thing.  I can see having a different sized tablet but a 10.1″ Note and a 10.1″ Tab makes no sense.

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