The Chitika stats are in, showing that Samsung’s 7 and 10 inch tablets along with the Galaxy S III are still going strong. We’re talking here about market share in North America and Chitika has the stats broken down by screen size.


The Galaxy S III has a share of 33.9%, while the Galaxy S4 follows it and then comes the 10.4% area with the “other Samsung devices” label. Those include the Galaxy┬á Note 2 for example, with 8.6%, the Galaxy Note 3 with 3.8% and Galaxy Note 1 with 0.9% of the pie. The 7 and 10 inch tablet sizes account for 93.5% of the tablet breakdown of shares.

The 10.1 inch models are on top with 53.2%, while 7 inchers got 40.4%. Then there’s a 5.2% for 8 inchers and 1% for a 8.9 incher and finally 0.4% for the 7.7 inch models. The data was collected from January 1st to the December 31st 2013, so it’s pretty relevant, having analyzed tens of millions of online ad impressions in the Chitika network.