It appears that Samsung has been more cerebral this year, not launching too many useless tablet formats, like they did in 2011. I’m talking about the 7.7 inch and 8.9 inch Galaxy Tabs from last year that were DOA and are still barely receiving updates today. However, the future may include some new tablet formats for Samsung still…

A Korean tipster revealed some inside info about Samsung’s future plans. Those seem to include something called Project J, that’s all about the Galaxy S IV coming in April. But we’re here to talk tablets! The Galaxy Note II is rumored to get a “lite” version, one without S Pen and possibly without Super AMOLED technology. This version is meant to introduce the mass audience to the big diagonal screens, as they prepare to offer us that on a phone, Galaxy S IV, I guess.

The other rumor is a bit more juicy: Sammy is apparently preparing a new 13.3 inch tablet with a QWERTY dock, a model that will rival the ASUS Transformer. Sadly we have no idea if this device will run Windows 8 or Android, maybe Key Lime Pie even? Anyway, the idea of a docked keyboard sounds nice, but part of me hopes it’s an Android device, in order to keep the price lower than a Windows machine. A Retina Display also wouldn’t hurt on it!

  • Chris Szerenos

    I really really hope the 13.3 inch tablet will have s-pen

  • me also i also hope that and it would still have the 4G/LTE connectivity… that would also allow to send SMS or if possible call a mobile…

  • Jon

    Too big a screen 10 is a perfect size