Remember the Samsung tablet with flexible display we’ve shown you the other day? Well, that device has now turned into a render, as shown below. It’s all courtesy of, a Dutch site that has the habit of creating concepts of yet unlaunched devices.


Flexible displays have appeared on concept devices in the past, but one more can’t hurt. Samsung has been one of the big innovators in this area and now they’re at it again. They’ve been known for working on those YOUM flexible OLED panels, rumored to reach production in 2014 and now we have a patent turned to concept here.

Such a device would be welcome, in the avalanche of rectangular tablets without personality. As you can see, this device is your basic edge to edge affair, but its lower part can bend and turn it into some sort of laptop, offering both a kickstand like mechanism and a keyboard area, or separated panel from the main screen. There’s even a list of specs: 10.1 inch Full HD flexible AMOLED, 2 GB  RAM, 32 GB storage, microSD, 3 MP front camera, 8000 mAh battery.

Would you buy such a tablet?