The folks of winsupersite have a very interesting scoop today, one that shows Microsoft’s future plans that will make the Surface tablet dominant on the market, or so they believe. Obviously, you should take this with a grain of salt.


Microsoft wants 50% of all Windows tablet sales to be Surface models in the coming year. Microsoft might have already met that goal in Q1 2013, when Surface were at 50% of all Windows slates sold, apparently. Could this be cause by slacking partners or those hardware makers discouraged by Surface? Acer, HP and a few others come to mind…

A source within Microsoft has found that the goals for the Surface for fiscal year 2014 include Microsoft selling 25 million Surfaces in 2014 and also the domination of enterprise tablets. Microsoft expects to become the number two provider of tablets at retail in fiscal year 2014 and they intend to be part of the bidding process in all the education initiatives. Resellers are expected to adopt the Surface tablet more than ever and push it.

For these goals to be achieved, Microsoft has prepared a huge amount of cash flow to the marketing department.