Standing with your eyes too close to the tablet or phone screen is bound to have a negative effect on your sight, but we all do that eventually. However, the kids are the ones who should be most protected from this problem and Samsung has an app for that. It’s called the Samsung Safety Screen and it’s available for free in the Play Store.

samsung tablet kids eyes

The app uses a funny cartoon character to let the kid know his eyes are too close to the screen. That’s achieved by using facial recognition to detect if the tablet or phone is indeed too close to the user’s face. The pop up animation appears and says “Hey! Move Back” and then gives a thumbs up if the little guy really did what he said.

Parents can install the app from the Play Store and activate it using a code, so the kids can’t deactivate it. Experts say that spending too much time close to the display can cause important damage to the children’s vision or even trigger a “computer vision syndrome”.