After a period of speculation and leaks, it turns out that Samsung is ready to step into the arena of foldable and rollable phones. Samsung Display just confirmed it’s working on such panels, which in turn confirms the projects from Samsung.

So far all we have is the Oppo X 2021 concept, some TCL prototypes and the LG Rollable Phone. With LG not doing great, we’re only left with Oppo and TCL preparing us the premiere. Samsung may just steal the spotlight, if they bring forth a commercial product faster. Samsung Display’s tech was always present on Samsung phones, so it’s very clear they have a rollable panel ready for a phone. This means that in 2021 we are likely to see 4 foldable phones from Samsung.

We’ve got the Galaxy Z Flip 3 coming with a clamshell format, the Z Fold 3 which is the Z Fold 2 with a S21 camera and stylus, plus the rollable and perhaps also the Z Fold Lite. Samsung Display also promised that its upcoming Galaxy phones will have high refresh rates. The only problem I have with rollable phones is the huge care of the people handling the prototypes. They seem quite fragile and the sliding mechanism feels like it could break if some particle would get caught in the “cogs” of the machinery.

It’s also true that the tech is in its infancy and in some iterations involves friction between two different set of metal frames rubbing against each other as the screen slides and becomes bigger. What about that double fold or triple fold device, Samsung?

One thing that’s easy to predict is the fact that the rollable screen would be an OLED or AMOLED. The lack of a fold or crease will probably please many people.