The Samsung Galaxy View 18.4 inch tablet meant for binge watching has registered a new price drop. Last I heard, this model was priced at $599.99 and now it goes for $449.99 on Amazon, which is a very impressive discount.


This is a 25% cut and for that price you get a slate with a large screen, meant for multimedia use. On board we find an 18.4 inch Full HD screen, an Exynos 7580 processor and 2 GB of RAM. There’s 64 GB of storage, a microSD card slot and a front 2.1 MP camera. Galaxy View packs a 5700 mAh battery and runs Android 5.1.

In spite of the diagonal, this isn’t a productivity-oriented device like the iPad Pro or Surface Pro, but rather a multimedia device. There’s a handle and stand on board, so this behemoth becomes more portable and it’s easier to prop up for video watching. With the way people are devouring TV shows now, this should be a hit.