Samsung’s best specced tablet with Android is still the Galaxy Tab S2, since there’s no Tab S3 launched, so it’s no wonder people are still tempted by this product. It’s about to become even more tempting, as it will be getting the Android Nougat update soon.

The update will be rolled out sometime in the first half of the year and we can’t say we’re surprised by this. After all, the Tab S2 was spotted in benchmarks already running on Nougat. It appears in GFXBench for example, with this platform on board. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is also expected to get the same software update and we’re talking about the 2016 model with stylus rather than the standard one.

Nougat will bring an improved battery life to the slate, as well as a better organized notifications area, more compact Quick Settings, improved multi window mode and of course security updates. The message center has also been revamped and you can receive multiple messages via the same app, from multiple services. A new Performance mode has been included and a mode for gamers.