In case you find yourselves having a great tablet, but one that only sports 16 GB of storage, there’s a quick fix: a microSD card. And since those come in all shapes, sizes and brands, sometimes it’s hard to choose one. We found a big discount for such an accessory on Amazon and though we’d share it with you after the break.


So, it turns out that the Samsung 128 GB EVO Class 10 micro SDXC card with adapter now goes for just $39.99, $58 less than the usual price tag. The product is in stock and offers transfer speeds of up to 48 MB/s. It’s meant for phones, tablets, PCs and more and it’s both waterproof and X ray proof, as well as temperature and magnetic proof.


Amazon and Samsung also cut the prices for the 64 GB version, now going for $17.95, down from $59.99 and for the 32 GB one, at just $10.08. The 16 GB Samsung microSD card is just $7.99. These are all Class 10 models, with UHS-I Grade 1 tech.