The S6 Study Pad is a new learning tablet for children and it comes with a custom UI applied on top of Android. It also integrates 1 GB of RAM, a A31S quad core processor and a few educational applications.


This model relies on an interface that seems to be based on tiles, at least in the section where you get to choose the learning fields. I see there’s geography, history, chemistry, maths, English, physics, politics and biology. There’s also a cloud icon, meaning you can save your sessions in the cloud, as well as some tools and font options. The slate seems pretty sturdy, it has two big speakers at the top and a kickstand integrated.

From what I can see it comes with a microSD card slot, a front camera and even what appears to be a full USB port, although I could be mistaking. We have no price for this model and even if we had one, usually such learning tools are offered with a discount to schools, kindergartens and other institutions where children need tablets.