Usually, tablets for children are low spec affairs, priced affordably and not offering the latest in hardware or connectivity. The freshly launched EE Robin Tablet is a bit different in that regard, particularly when it comes to connectivity.


It provides LTE support for one, meaning the kids can browse the web and enjoy content on the go easily. This next gen model is enclosed in a rugged bumper case, which protects it from drops and bups. There’s also an interesting motion gaming feature, with both single player and multiplayer functions, as well as a Hopster entertainment and learning app.


The EE Robin has a new type of kickstand included, making it easier to prop up the slate no matter where you are. 40 games are preinstalled, as well as educational apps and eBooks. We get classics like Subway Surfers or Motion Sports, that lets the kids play by moving their hands in front of the camera. Play Store support is here, but parents need to approve the apps before they’re installed.


Specs include 2 GB of RAM, a quad core CPU, 16 GB of storage, microSD card slot and a 7 inch screen. There’s a 2 MP back camera and the product is available in the UK today, with a 17 GBP monthly plan. A 22 GBP plan gives you 20 GB of data with roaming. The Robin goes for 129.99 GBP on a pay as you go rate, meaning it’s $160.