Sharp’s IGZO screens are probably some of the best panels you can find in the business and it would be a pity not to exploit their quality. That’s exactly what Apple plans to be doing, starting in 2015, according to the latest rumors and reports.


They will start this integration with the iPad Air 3, according to sources in the know. Early reports have indicated that the next Apple flagship tablet will adopt an IGZO panel, especially after a series of rumors said that the current iPad Air already uses that technology. Sharp’s Kameyama No. 1 LCD plant doesn’t have the necessary equipment needed for IGZO manufacturing and that’s a plant used to make Apple’s displays.

Korea’s ETNews claims that the iPad Air 2 won’t feature the IGZO display, mostly because Sharp is facing low yield issues with this technology. The same publication writes that IGZO will be adopted on the 2015 iPad Air 3 and Samsung and LG are also planning to invest in IGZO production next year. IGZO panels are highly praised for their great viewing angles, very good color accuracy and low power usage.

Will we see an iPad Air like this next year? Do you think it will influence the thickness of the device or image quality?