FreedomPop has a very interesting approach to mobile voice and data services, offering them in a freemium fashion. They usually come via mobile hotspots, home modems and smartphones, but not tablets. That was untill today, when the company started offering two slates with their services.


The tablets are the Samsung Tab 3 and iPad Mini, both coming with standard 500 MB, 500 texts and 200 minute monthly plan at no cost. The devices available this way are refurbished Sprint tablets that connect to the carrier’s LTE and CDMA networks. FreedomPop is a mobile virtual network operator, that buys wholesale data from Sprint and based on those it builds communications services.

This way, it gives users a pool of data, VoIP and IP SMS, among other services. CEO Stephen Stokols claims that FreedomPop wants to make the concept of 4G tablet more appealing, by offering baseline mobile connectivity for free and also a phone number in the mix. The first gen iPad Mini goes for $319 and the Tab 3 for $199 on the carrier’s site.