You’ve probably heard more about Royal Revolt 2 recently, rather than the first game. I decided to test the first game to decide if the second is actually good. That’s why I used the Nokia Lumia 1320 I reviewed last week to play this title.


The game is available for free and it’s a tower defense release with a penchant for offensive and attacks. The developer behind it is Keen Games and they made a tower offense title, that involves you attacking in waves, not defending in waves. This feels a bit like the Anomaly series and it will allow you to control a prince, who summons knights, archers, mages and ballistas, that will accompany you in your siege of the enemy’s castle.

Sometimes this game feels a bit like Thor the Dark World, since it has a main hero and a bunch of minions around. You are a prince who is trying to reclaim his kingdom and use units to attack the enemies. You will have to take on archer towers, tons of traps and enemy units coming in waves. There are also special abilities to use and upgrades to perform.

You can heal your units and unleash a fire wave on the foes. The first 10 missions or so are quite easy, but then an exaggerated difficulty sets in. There are over 40 levels here and this game gets a 8.7 out of 10 from us. You can download it here.