HTC recently organized an event, where the CEO Peter Chou was present and talked about the future plans of the company. They include doubling the smartphone market share from 5% in 2013 to 10% over the following months, maybe years. There was also talk about tablets…


The event took place in New York and Peter Chou didn’t hesitate to mention that HTC is developing new tablets and wearable computing products. It will be hard for HTC to beat Samsung’s 31% of the market share and Apple’s 16% of the smartphone market. Meanwhile, in the tablet area, with Android products on the rise, HTC has a shot to make a name for itself.

The company’s chairwoman Cher Wang has forecast that the company will be back to productivity in the second quarter of the year. HTC Desire 816, the 5.5 inch phablet will be a driving force here, as will the HTC One M8. As far as tablets go, I’d see HTC not only launching an Android model, but also a Windows 8 one.

  • DeianStancu

    Of course they should. They had tablets before, a good product (Flyer) and a bad product (Jetstream). Both were too expensive.
    HTC is a bit late on the tablet bandwagon, it still needs to catch up, but if they do, the tablets must be affordable or they’ll end up in dumpster like previous ones.

  • George Pon

    HTC never buy anything from htc. the way they treat customers is garbage. no support of their products. That means what u buy is what you get. no updates as the world evolves. This is why I advise people never buy htc.