If you want a cool game that includes headbanging and living the life of a rockstar, maybe you’ll try Rise to Fame: the Music RPG for iPad. This title can be found on the App Store for $1.99 and it was last updated on July 26th 2012. It takes up 146 MB of storage and it’s a reaction RPG, as its makers call it.

This involves living the life of a rockstar: smashing guitars, dodging objects thrown by the crowd, getting the girl’s attention and more. Your audiences will even include zombies or cowboys, so it’s a pretty cool game. You get music, fast paced casual gameplay and great rewards. 5 original rock songs and 3D graphics are available and you even get to alter music tracks using your special abilities.

Great gigs earn you both money and fame, like in real life. You can unlock special skills and new gigs, plus make in game money for the band. And then there’s the strange RPG area, with buying skills, potions and more. I liked that you can customize the band’s look with outfits and all that and get the instruments you want. Over 20 upgradable skills are available. You can download the game from here or scan the QR code below to get it.