It appears that there’s an interesting mechanism in Windows 8, one that automatically and instantly informs Microsoft about every app that you download and install on the OS. The info comes from programmer Nadim Kobeissi and is added to the long list of complaints regarding the OS, including the lack of a Start button and the Metro interface look.

The feature that sends MS the info about the apps is called SmartScreen. Microsoft responded to the allegations by saying that the function is meant to protect users from malicious programs by screening applications installed from the web and sending the info to MS for safety checks. The same programmer mentioned before says that it could be possible to intercept the SmartScreen communications and actually get all the data from your apps, some of them even banking related. Sucks, right?

Know that the feature called SmartScreen is turned on by default and when you disable it, Windows will press you to re enable it. Also, I guess that people will think twice before installing pirated games/software on their systems, especially if it’s a pirated Halo or Office, am I right? Privacy breach much? What’s next, Microsoft going through our music files?

  • DeianStancu

    Basically this type of spying is not quite new, but Microsoft has jumped the horse with this one, this time they have gone too far.

  • What so you encourage installing pirated software or games?
    Doesnt Apple know what apps are downloaded or bought under a certain account or device?
    No of course Apple are always the nice guys.

  • DeianStancu

    If you think this is about piracy, than you are so naive. They tell you this, like they are telling you about potential terrorists, they make up stories about how security can be improved for “benefit of people”, but they are using this as weapon of mass control.
    Everybody must be controlled and tagged.
    Wake up, sleep no more.