Tablet devices are starting to present itselves in all forms and shapes and proving useful for all purposes. The Queen’s Royal Collection now includes a touchscreen device chosen to store important history collections of the past 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. The device will be added to the Royal Collection by the Queen as a “digital time-capsule”.


Storing over 150 GB of data including videos, photographs and text memories of her 60 year reign, a tablet device has been chosen to be added to the Royal Collection. It includes memories for the project from 37,000 people from 66 countries that contributed to the huge collection. Among others, Prince Harry and Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius, along with memories of Alan Turing and the London riots have been included.

The chosen device is made by Samsung and is a Galaxy Note 10.1. All the 80,000 entries, including those not included on the capsule itself, will be available online as part of the Diamond (re)Collection. Danny Sriskandarajah, director of the Royal Commonwealth Society charity, told BBC:

“The digital nature of the project required a digital device to present to Her Majesty, and The Queen will be able to press ‘play’ on the tablet before watching a video of some of the best Jubilee time-capsule entries,” 



  • Clive Mclean

    I say ‘yeah’ from a hater of the greedy manipulating over-hyped and overpricing crappatino Cupertino company.You will get no bandwagoning from the royals.