We’ve seen side shots and frontal shots of the Galaxy Note 3, but no trace of its back side till now. Luckily, the leak shown below clears that mystery, showing us the coverless back of the upcoming phablet.


The device will debut next month during an Unpacked event that may or may not be fit within the IFA 2013 Berlin show. We’re expecting the new model to be a 5.7 inch phablet and I have to say that the device is rather big judging by the frame surround the battery area. As usual, we take everything with a grain of salt, since it could be faked in the end.

What shocks us are the perfectly rectangular sides of the phone, unlike the very rounded S3 and Note II and the less rounded S4. Are they going the Oppo and Xperia way with their straight edge designs? Of course, we could be dealing with a prototype, but still, I wouldn’t mind seeing a straight edge phablet.