An official from Microsoft’s Romanian branch named Tudor Galos posted on the web a shot of a back of tablet that he claims is a new 10 incher from Prestigio. The device also has a name: Prestigio Multipad Visconte and we’re guessing it will run Windows 8 or Windows RT.

prestigio multipad visconte

Tudor Galos is a Consumer Marketing Manager for Microsoft Romania and this teaser may mean we’re pretty close to the official unveiling of the product. Prestigio is known for being an international brand, with dozens of HQs, especially in the Slavic countries. They specialize in affordable tablets and smartphones and also have a powerful presence in Russia, where a lot of their devices have been launched.

Lately Prestigio has been dabbling into high end and while offering an Android device is easy nowadays, the challenge is to launch an affordable and powerful Windows device. Will they be able to manage that?