Phoenix HD is a very nifty game, even though at first sight it’s just a simple shoot em up. I tested the game on the iPad Mini and had a lot of fun with those interstellar ships. The game is available for free, but you end up paying about one euro per new ship bought.

Photo 01.05.2014, 17 33 40

The shoot em up is supposed to offer 60 FPS graphics according to its maker and takes up less than 100 MB. There are hundreds of thousands of enemy variations here and when you’re done with your session, there’s the option to view local high scores and leaderboards. You can also buy boosts before you start playing, with the in game coins, not the real ones. The control is very simple: you swipe to move the ship around and it fires automatically, using lasers, rockets and all that.

You can pick up various powerups that replenish your shield, add extra firepower or new attacks and there will even be boss battles included from time to time. The graphics and color effects are really nice and play a big part in the 8.3 out of 10 grade for this title. You can download it here.