Recently, the taiwanese producer Asus released some interesting video-teasers for a bunch of devices that will be launched next month during a major event that it will take place in Computex 2014 conference between June 3 – 7 in Taipei.

asus teaser

As we can see in the video teaser below, Asus promises that this new device will be a incredible one. They’re trying to catch our eyes with a special motto – “The Next Incredible Thing”. This motto make us think about the popular motto used by Samsung every year when a new Galaxy device it’s released on the market – The next big thing.

Leaving behind these similarities, if we take another look at this video teaser we notice a lot of handwriting, a thing that could suggest us that the new device will arrive with a stylus inside the package. Also, at the end of the video-teaser we can see the “thin” word highlighted. So we may have a very thin device on the market. What do you think Asus it’s preparing for us?