After smashing a Microsoft Surface tablet earlier this month, Patriots coach Bill Belichick once again attacks the MS products, being very unhappy with their performance. Apparently he even did a long rant about the devices during a recent press event.


He said he wasn’t going to be using the tablets anymore, in spite of Microsoft being an official NFL partner and providing the gear to use during matches as a playbook. The Patriots had a set of problems lately, for example last Sunday their headsets and tablets weren’t working right. The IT guy did all he could and things were still messed up. The NFL was apparently to blame further.

The League and Microsoft have a $400 million deal in place and players and coaches seem to have received this with mixed reactions. Many of them prefer using the classic notebooks made of cardboard and paper, or the typical binders, especially since they don’t have limited batteries. Microsoft responded to Belichick’s statement, saying that they respect his decision, but they stand by the Surface products.

MS also talks about “positive feedback” on having the Surface on the sidelines from all the personnel from the league. They also quote “many factors” that could affect technology, which may or may not be related to the partner’s software solutions. Basically, it’s rather NFL’s fault than Microsoft.