Those of you bummed out by the lack of Mac-related announcements during Apple’s September event get a second chance now, since Apple announced it’s holding another conference on October 27th. It debuts under the tagline “Hello Again” and it’ll be related to Macs.


The event will take place on Apple’s Cupertino campus and the “Hello again” thing is a reference to the 1984 introduction of the Mac with the word “Hello”. The event will be streamed live at 10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET and speculations are plenty. We may see new MacBook Pros, especially since the Retina MacBook Pro hasn’t been updated in over a year.

Rumors have been talking about a MacBook Pro with an OLED touch control bar for a while and we’ve also seen very solid concepts of it. The OLED strip would be placed above the keyboard and dynamically display function keys, a welcome functionality. An all USB Type C Port setup is expected. iMac desktops could also be coming, plus a standalone 5K monitor. We’ll learn more on the 27th.

Expect the latest MacBooks to bring the latest available Intel CPUs.