It would appear that Microsoft is bursting open with leaks, as the company had a new build of Windows 10 leaked on the web over the past weekend, only to be met with an Office 2016 leak today. Let’s see what it brings!


This one is build number 16.0.3823.1005, one of the newer versions of Office, that is only slightly upgraded from the 3629.1006 version that popped up in January. The biggest change is clearly the new theme, that will adapt with the color of the application being run. There’s also the Microsoft Limestone Integration application shown here, aka Microsoft Lime for short.

This one is a dev tool used for testing various Office elements. We’ll remind you that the latest version of Office will be available for free on phones and small tablets, in preinstalled form. Meanwhile, Office 2016 will probably be up for download with pay from the Windows Store, but it’s not yet clear if it’ll be available via the Office 365 service, or if people who have a one year subscription qualify for it…