Just as predictions said, Nvidia’s earnings were again record breakers, with a big increase in Q3 to $1.20 billion, 15.3% higher than in Q2. They were also up 12.9% from the same period last year. Profits also grew to $209.1 million, that shouldn’t surprise us, seeing how the Tegra 3 chip was chosen by so many tablet makers.

The famous Nexus 7 has one at its core and so does the Microsoft Surface RT, plus many other popular gadgets out there. The Consumer Products division at Nvidia, the one that handles the Tegra family and other hardware registered a 27.6% increase in revenue for the quarter. In spite of the expectations of a dropping PC market, the consumer GPU unit had a 10% increase in revenue from last quarter, thanks to the Kepler based products, that reached lower price points, while notebook revenue continued to rise.

Nvidia also decided to issue dividends to shareholders and extended its current stock repurchasing program. The predictions for Q4 include revenue somewhere between $1.025 billion and $1.175 billion. GAAP operating expenses are expected to be around $400 million and non GAAP ones around $359 million.