MWC 2011 was huge enough for you to miss one or two innovations, but we didn’t, so here’s something you must watch: a quad core NVIDIA chip in action. This is a mobile chip dubbed NVIDIA Kal-El, a world’s first, according to NVIDIA. There’s also a 12 core NVIDIA GPU on this platform and these together are capable of extreme HD, which is 2560 x 1600.

More info can be found in the video below and there’s even a quad core tablet in action, running a PS3 game ported on the Kal-El. Since we mentioned this name, comics aficionados might know that Superman’s real name is in fact Kal-El, which goes to show that this new CPU is powerful enough to be compared to the famous superhero.

You can see 600 soldiers on the screen in the video, all of their movements tracked by the NVIDIA chipsets, so it requires impressive processing power. Wondering what device maker will adopt this technology first…

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  • moro123

    It sounds even more exciting that they will have released the Tegra 6 (Tecra Stark) by 2014 which is 75 (or 100?) times faster than the Tegra 2.
    But what does it really mean that the Tegra 6 (Stark) processor is 75 times faster than the Tegra 2? How will this change mobile phones/pads? It sounds revolutionary, but for the lot of us without that tech lingo fingerspitzgefühl it really doesn’t say much more than “a hell of al ot faster”. Could anyone please tell me what I can hope to do with a pad/phone that is equipped with a processor 75 times faster than the Tegra 2?