Hanvon is among the companies making tablets these days and their products included the HPad A116, shown last month at CES and the HPad 112, shown at MWC. These devices have pretty similar specs, that include 7 inch 800 x 600 pixel screens, Android 2.2 as the OS and 3 megapixel rear facing cameras.

The difference between them is the number of multimedia formats supported on the Hanvon HPad A112, in comparison to the A116. These extras include H.264 video playback (up to 1080p), plus MP4, MOV, AS, MKV and more. The specs also include GPS, an ARM11 CPU running at 720MHz and 2GB of internal storage.

A microSD card slot is also in the mix, as well as an optional 3G modem and two versions of RAM: 256 and 512MB. WiFi, Bluetooth, USB and HDMI take care of the connectivity aspect. Expect the Hanvon HPad A112 to be priced at $545 and to support 8 hours of use with its 3300 mAh battery. H2 2011 is the launch time frame.