During a recent interview with Australian Financial Review, Stephen Elop showed that Nokia is open to both Android and Windows when it comes to making a tablet. He claims that any option goes and “the opportunity for companionship is something that any user is looking for”. The idea is to get an integrated experience with the Lumias, according to the same Nokia boss.


On the question of Android handsets, there’s no turning back now and it’s all Windows Phone till the end. As far as Lumias go, Elop expects to see cheaper Lumias and in smaller form factors. Back to the tablets, the piece above with the open attitude to “any option” ends however with a statement of fidelity to the Microsoft side, sadly for us, who are still dreaming of a tablet that adopts the Lumia design and implements Jelly Bean on it.

Since now Nokia’s Lumias have started moving and selling, they may feel more confident in the partnership with Microsoft, leaving behind any doubt and any potential partnership with Google. Even plan B Jolla OS doesn’t feel necessary for now. We’ve seen a lot of criticism for Windows RT lately and Nokia has to be careful what OS they release their tablet with… Win 8 Pro or Win RT. Hopefully they will be allowed to customize it at least a bit…