It’s important to know how to get started using a device from a new segment. After all, the Nokia Lumia 2520 is Nokia’s first tablet and it’s one of the few Windows RT 8.1 slates out there. That’s why the newly published tutorial videos below may prove useful.


Through these videos you’ll learn how to better use the Snapdragon 800-based slate and how to open up its slot tray, that integrates a SIM slot and microSD card slot. The system is quite similar to the other Lumias, only the tray is bigger now. There’s also a small tutorial on how to fit the tablet on top of its keyboard case and then get it started.

The second video shows the keys and parts of the device. All of them feel pretty familiar, from the Windows button to the On/Off button, volume buttons, speakers and from what I can see there’s a USB 3.0 port here, NFC, a micro HDMI and a micro SIM tray. Preorders of the device have already started on major carriers, so you can pick a device up right now.