We’ve finally received official word from Nokia concerning their tablet and none else than design chief Marko Ahtisaari was the one to confirm this. He said that he’s spending a third of his time on creating a slate for the Finnish company, that will differentiate itself from the many iPad rivals out there.

The claims were made in an interview with Finnish magazine Kauppalehti Optio and I’m willing to bet all my money on the fact that this slate will be a Windows 8 device. Nokia has the experience of the failure in the netbook field, with the Booklet 3G, so they will want to be careful with the pricing this time, since that was the key factor for the failure of that netbook. Speculations say that the slate from Nokia may take design cues from the polycarbonate N9/Lumia 800/900 devices, in a bigger version.

We’ve also seen tons of concepts, designs and dreams concerning this tablet, so everyone is excited when it comes to this product. With such expectations, Nokia must be careful not to fail, if they still want to make it in the worldwide market as more than a good seller of low end devices. I’m really curious what diagonal size they’ll choose… I imagine it will be somewhere between 10 inches and 12 and I also picture a Qualcomm or Intel CPU inside the tablet.