Bezels are something that device makers are trying to leave behind, just like they did with physical buttons. The device’s bigger edges are actually needed for supporting your hand, otherwise you would cover portion of the screen and activate stuff by mistake. Nokia has a new patent that may just deal with bezel issues.


Their intellectual property involves a method to make the bezels touch sensitive. Basically there’s an active digital bezel area on a display of a certain device. Touch input will be supported and when it happens it will be interpreted as either a touch by mistake or a command. That will be done through a special system that senses when you’re doing it right or wrong.

Nokia has shown multiple futuristic prototypes over the past years, including flexible devices, input through a variety of sensors and more. Now they may be addressing the issue of bezels at last. We’ve seen many companies trying to launch edge to edge phones, but no one has tackled that on tablets. Well, maybe now it will happen…