The Ramos i10 Pro tablet is a dual boot model with Android and Windows, plus a Bay Trail CPU inside. We’ve been hearing about this slate for many weeks now, but it’s only today that we get to see it in action in the video below, courtesy of

ramos i10 pro hands on

The design makes me think of a Lumia slate for some reason, particularly with that shiny yellow case and those cute looking slightly angled bezels. Ramos is a device maker from China that has made one or two of the East European tablets we’re testing. The Ramos i10 Pro is an upgraded i10 unit with a bump in chipset and dual boot support.

This model can boot Windows 8.1 and Android and its features include a 1920 x 1200 pixel display, with a 10.1 inch diagonal, as well as 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. Inside the device there’s an updated Intel Bay Trail Z3770D processor. I would also fancy a keyboard accessory for this model…

  • Gale

    The tablet may indeed be good but the Ramos company is horrible to deal with. I recently purchased a tablet from them, sent the money for tablet plus Express delivery. First few days they ignored me completely, then on 4th day tablet was given to DHL, but next day Ramos told DHL to return it to them. I contacted Ramos who refused to send it to me, so I asked for a refund, was told that I would be refunded. So far no refund, waiting for Paypal to help. I also noticed that they overcharge for Express delivery, so a nasty company to deal with, and their email replies are just childish nonsense.