There’s an interesting image floating around the interwebs these days, showing a device called the Nokia Champagne. This name was associated to yet another Lumia phone together with the Nokia Ace, before the latter was announced. Now, the Ace is Lumia 900 and Champagne is still a mystery. One thing to note is that the Champagne’s design is very similar to teh one of the Nokia Booklet 3G outer side of the display.

The image was posted by professeurthibault and tweeted by MS_nerd, under the title “Two Turkeys”, used by Google execs a while ago when describing Nokia and Microsoft’s partnership. The curved screen looks nice, but it probably adds too much to the bulky design to make this a sexy and sleek tablet. You can also spot a sort of hinge under the device, so what we see here is a mere lid. This is either a clamshell phone or maybe a clamshell tablet that also serves as a notebook. Imagine something like the ASUS Transformer Prime made by Nokia… drooling yet?

Of course we could simply be watching a picture of the old Booklet 3G and speculating and how lame would that be? Anyhow, one thing is for sure: Nokia is preparing a Windows 8 tablet for Nokia Connection 2012 and that will take place this summer, so we’ve got enough time for leaks and speculations.