If you want an 8 inch 200 euro tablet, then the answer comes from Romania: Allview Alldro 2 Speed. We’ve already reviewed the Alldro Speed tablet here at Tablet News and you’ll find its details on our YouTube channel. This follow-up is yet another Chinese slate rebranded in Eastern Europe and packing Android Gingerbread, 3G and WiFi connectivity.

The 3G part is done with the aid of a 3G dongle and you must know that this tablet uses a Cortex A8 1.2GHz processor, a Mali 400 4 core GPU and 8 GB of internal memory. Finally we get a main camera on this device, unlike its predecessor and I’m talking about a poor 2 megapixel sensor here, but still we can take pics with it. The 8 inch display is a 4:3 one, with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and you must know that the Alldro 2 Speed supports DLNA, has a HDMI port and a couple of preinstalled apps from Allview.

This newcomer also has a front VGA camera and a chassis that measures 11.29mm in thickness. The gadget weighs 499, so it’s reasonably thin and light, for the average user experience. I don’t know what your expectations are here, but having tested the first model I must say I expect to finally be able to use that camera and maybe have some backlighting on those touch buttons from the side, that lacked on the Alldro Speed.