We’ve just come across a video showing the wonderful interface of the MeeGo platform, that’s shown in action in the video at the end of the article. This OS is filled with eye candy and it’s a pretty powerful platform, that will certainly bring Nokia lots of credit and sales. Some people say that MeeGo is too similar to Windows Phone 7. Should we consider this a praise or a defect?

As shown in the video embedded in this article, the OS is smooth and fast, with he panel mode looking stunning, sort of like a “super homescreen”. MeeGo also impresses through its rich and dynamic user interface. There’s a multitasking option integrated in the “simple” menu mode app menu view. There’s also a MeeGo AppStore in the mix, plus AppUp and a bunch of other software providers, but we hope to see a unified solution before the OS goes mainstream.

Nokia’s expertise in hardware and the Qt app ecosystem, that’s huge right now should come in handy, for the ascension of the platform.

[via mynokiablog]