We’re no strangers to cancelled Nokia tablets and watches, especially during the whole Microsoft ownership time, but it turns out Nokia is still doing it. This time under the wing of HMD Global.

A recent interview showed that HMD doesn’t have any intention to explore other product categories, aside from smartphones. However that’s not entirely true, as a Nokia tipster revealed that a smartwatch was in the making, but was scrapped. Aside from the wearable, Nokia was also making its own tablet, with Android on board.

Other product categories were also looked into, but they were not named. I’m guessing VR, maybe some gaming who even knows? As it happened with the cancelled Lumia tablets and watches, I expect the HMD products to pop up later on. The tablet market itself has been dropping since 2014, so not many companies are making a killing in it.

Making a business tablet is pricey, the small tablets have died and the average midrange ones take a lot of inventory to make profit. That’s probably why Nokia cancelled all of it. My guess is that they made something like a 10 inch Snapdragon machine with Android, some decent speakers, OZO stuff and great cameras.

They couldn’t find a selling point though.