For a long while speculations have been in large quantity when it came to what tablets Apple is going to release this year. Of course, aside from the iPad Pro we were expecting either the iPad Air 3 or the iPad Mini 4 or why not both… Well, today some Chinese tablet supply chain sources have shed light on that strategy.


It would appear that Apple is not going to release a new iPad Air this year, but rather a fourth gen iPad Mini 4. The hardware partners are already preparing the needed components for the 7.9 inch slate. The newcomer will bring small but crucial upgrades from the iPad Mini 3, probably including an 8 MP camera, improved CPU and more RAM.

The resolution is bound to stay the same and if the iPhone gets Force Touch, maybe the slates will get it too. The fingerprint scanner, new color and 128 GB of storage, the main iPad Mini 3 novelties are here to stay. Since large size phablets are killing smaller tablets, the iPad Mini 4 will have a hard time competing with big screen handsets, especially considering its large price.

So why launch it at all?