Since tablets have registered drops this year, when it comes to shipments, components are obviously following the same route. Today we learn that China’s shipments of tablet application processors are expected to drop almost 30% in the second half of the year.


The drop happens in comparison with the same time frame from last year and the number to expect is 47.75 million units shipped in the second semester of the current year. Weak demand for slates remains the problem, particularly in the smaller diagonal segment, that’s being cannibalized by phablets. This info comes from Digitimes Research, so all the numbers are real.

For the entire 2015, tablet APs are expected to drop 24.4% (China made only), reaching 96.45 million units, which is the first annual decline in recent years. MediaTek expects a rebound in the current time frame, after a fall in the first half of the year. The rebound allows the firm to keep a share of over 24% for the last part of 2015.

Intel will register decline, a bigger one than in the first half, while Allwinner Technology will experience decline in Q3 and growth in Q4. Meanwhile, Rockchip Electronics will keep the second spot, after MediaTek.