JerryRigEverything made its big name by scratching and bending the most famous smartphones out there, but now he’s going into a whole new category. He’s messing about with the Nintendo Switch, the latest tablet-console to hit the market. The 6.2 incher gets tested for resilience in the video below.

It all starts with a typical scratch tests, with a sharp pick. Most smartphones scratch at pick level 6, but the Nintendo Switch scratched at level 3. This means that when it’s thrown in your bag with keys or coins next to it, it’ll be prone to scratches. We get a plastic screen protection here, albeit a thick one. It withstood flames from a lighter pretty well for about 15 seconds.

The plastic body of the device took scratches in pretty average fashion and the analog sticks and buttons were very hard to damage, which is good news. The kickstand came off way too easily, but apparently it’s also very easy to attach back. Just be careful not to lose it, because it functions as a cover for the microSD card slot. The bend test worked fine, with the console itself not caving in.

Also, even with high pressure, the side Joy Cons won’t snap off or get damaged in fatal fashion. The conclusion is that it’s very hard to break a Joy Con by accident, so it takes a bit of doing. Overall, good results all around, minus the screen, so you may need to buy a screen protection.