Half a decade ago it would have been crazy to think that Android would surpass Windows, when it comes to accessing the Internet. Windows has been the main OS used to access the web, but it’s getting some serious competition now. A recent set of stats from StatCounter showed us that Android is close to becoming number one.

Turns out that in February 2017 Windows had a share of 38.6% and Android was close behind with 37.4%. Back in 2012 Windows was at 82%, which makes the figures even more impressive. Back then Android was at 2.2% so the hike is huge. Windows still rules the worldwide operating system desktop market, with 84.1% Internet usage. In the meantime, in North America Windows leads the Internet access with 40.7% in February.

iOS was placed second with 24.9% and Android third with 20.3%. In Europe Windows rules as well, at 51.8%, followed by Android with 23.5%. In Asia things are a bit different, as Android has over 50% there and Windows merely 29.8%. Such trends aren’t new, as last October brought us an Internet usage for mobile and tablet devices that exceeded desktop and laptop usage for the first time.

Android may beat Windows by the end of the year at this rate.