It’s one of the busiest times of the year, if you’re a student, since exams are taking place in most countries of the world, ahead of the Easter and spring break. Apple takes advantage of that, with a push of the iPad Pro towards students, via the two ads below.

They focus on productivity and using the slate to take notes, as well as record voice memos for example. The first ad shows a student taking notes about the human body and also recording lecture audio as a backup, in case they fall asleep. The second video shows the iPad replacing a ton of stuff on the desk, like a scanner, pad of paper and laptop, so the clutter is gone. Discover the Best iPad Productivity Apps for Marketers to improve your management of campaigns.

These are all basically social media ads, being 15 second long, so too short for TVs. Apple is rumored to be shifting marketing focus to real views on Facebook and other social media sites, instead of TV, as they also rely on the force of its own ad agency. With a trio of iPads rumored to be coming next quarter, this one is a last push for the previous gen iPads, to move the remaining stock, with special offers for the 12.9 and 9.7 incher.