The incredible rise of the Nintendo Switch console continues, with the gaming device having reached sales of over 10 million units over the past year it seems. Well, “year” isn’t accurate, since it’s actually been 9 months since the device’s debut.

Basically, the Switch sold more than a million units per month ever since the March launch. Several steps had to be beaten to reach this peak. First, in September we wrote that the device had beat the PS4 initial sales in just 6 months. Then at the end of October, the number of moved units was 7.63 million, so the bump is incredible. With these numbers, it’s very clear that the Nintendo Switch is a smash hit.

They’ve kept up the releases of flagship games, from famous franchizes like Mario or Zelda and those have pushed the console forward. Nintendo just had to get it right and the timing was also right. The tablets have been dwindling since 2014, the Wii U was a failure and had to be corrected and there is no other big player in the portable console field. And also there’s certainly no other player in the hybrid console area, that involves a device that can be used both on the go and hooked up to the TV set.

The Nintendo Wii U needed 2 and a half years to reach 10 million units sold. The latest numbers make the Switch pretty much the equal of the PS4, that also scored 10 million units sold in 9 months. Ninty even had trouble keeping up with demand until recently. With many big titles coming to the Switch next year, 15 million is actually in the Japanese firm’s sights easily.