Nintendo’s Wii U and the PS Vita proved to be the biggest gaming “turkeys” of the past year, in terms of sales. However, the Wii U got a recent price cut and now it gets a new direction, that will make it more appealing to gamers. The Japanese company wants to tweak the device and make it support smartphone games.


The tip came from The Japan Times and quotes unnamed sources, saying that Nintendo has prepared professional use conversion software, that app developers may use to produce handset games to play on the Wii U. Nintendo wants the handset games to increase sales of the console. I can imagine people playing Rayman Jungle Run or Angry Birds on the Wii U and a big screen TV, frankly speaking.

It’s funny to see smartphones and tablets burying the Wii U and then Nintendo adopting smartphone technology to save it. The problem with the Wii U is that it’s intended for a niche market, that searches for casual games and a quirky gaming experience. That may emulate well with Android games.