Nintendo has promised to offer extra details about the NX console today, by previewing it via a livestream. The device is widely expected to be a portable console, with the air of a tablet and maybe with Android on board.


Last we heard, there was even some correlation between the Nintendo NX and Google Project Tango, so that sounds interesting. will stream the preview, but it’ll only be a 3 minute stream, so don’t expect anything bombastic. Nintendo already announced the console will come in March next year, so this is just a preview. AR features are expected, as well as a solid camera and set of sensors.

Exclusive Mario and Zelda titles could also come and 4K streaming/graphics are expected to compete with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S/Scorpio. An Nvidia Tegra CPU should power up the joint and we could also see it docked next to the PC, not only used on the go. Cartridges will be used for games and a VR feature may also be available.