ASUS hasn’t approached the PadFone product segment in a while now, so I guess it’s the turn of its rivals to do so. It’s no wonder that Samsung has already patented a similar hybrid, one that sees a smartphone inserted into a laptop working as a dock. However, you should also know that ASUS does have a Windows laptop/Android phone hybrid in the making, so things will get interesting in 2017.


As far as Samsung’s invention goes, they have a docking area between the keyboard and the display of the laptop, where you would insert your Android phone. The dock itself is just an extension of the phone, relying on its CPU, RAM and storage. The full screen big device will run Windows. The handset will be charging when docked and it could also be used as a touchpad.

Samsung already had a Windows-Android hybrid, the Ativ Q, but it wasn’t very well sold, if you remember. Windows 10 continues to evolve and diversify its span on platforms, so the vision may expand with Android phones in the mix. I guess that CES 2017 or MWC may bring us such a device, if Samsung can have it ready on time. Expect a hefty price.