As expected, Nintendo unveiled today its long awaited NX product, the long rumored console-tablet, that will be officially known as Nintendo Switch. The device got a 3 minute promo video and a confirmed release in March 2017. It’s everything we expected it to be and more.


First, its core product is a modular tablet, with two detachable controllers (Joy Con) and a dock that connects to the TV set. The detachable docks can be used on the go, as the tablets sits on a kickstand and people gather around it, playing on those smaller controllers. Joined together the side controllers seem to form a bigger one, or maybe that’s the charger.


Then there’s the big and standard controller, the likes of which you usually use with a PC, let’s say. The device seems pretty massive and sturdy, has rounded edges and the “game cartridges” seem to be more like SD cards of sorts, but bigger. The product will indeed have an Nvidia CPU inside, although that hasn’t been detailed yet.


We don’t have specs for the tablet, but we suppose it’ll be a 6 or 7 inch model. A long list of publishers have shown support for the console, including Konami, Epic Games, Activision, Square Enix, Ubisoft and more. The demo featured Skyrim, NBA 2K, plus new Mario Mario Kart and Zelda titles. We’ll learn more about the device, including the price in March 2017. A $300 amount is not impossible.